Happy New Year folks! So I’ve just bitten the bullet and ordered a Nikon SB700 Flash Gun while the Nikon cash-back offer was still on. I was tempted with the more powerful SB910, but at the end of the day I probably won’t need all the features for a while yet and the SB700 is just that bit more portable. It’s probably more than powerful enough for what I need. I enjoyed playing around with different lighting situations in the studios last year, so I’m excited to see what my creativity can produce with this new flash unit. First I want to try and do some more edgy black and white portrait photos – the kind I did of Clem last year in the studio.

I’m slowly building up my photography equipment, I’d rather learn and experiment with a few bits at a time than buy lots of things at once and not know where to start. The tripod I bought last summer has been great, especially when travelling to Paris it really came into it’s own there.

I have more exciting trips already planned this year in Poland (February) and Ireland (June) and I can’t wait to get out into the world again and see what I can capture. 2014 is bringing positive vibes. I’m also working on a video montage for the main page of this site accompanied by my very own theme tune (as he would put it!) thanks to my talented friend Jack Nicholson.

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