I’ve been taking pictures of my travels and experiences for years, however it wasn’t until 2010 when I became more interested in it through an old friend. While clearing out my Grandad’s things after he passed, I found an old SLR complete with multiple lenses, filters, and flashes. It was a Canon AE-1. I used it on days out that summer and found looking through the lens a whole new experience when taking a photo. Instead of just looking at a screen when taking a picture, you could actually feel what you were trying to capture far more easily. It felt more organic. I could capture what I wanted, how I wanted. It felt good. I was hooked.

The following year I bought a DSLR. I still occasionally use the SLR, but buying and processing film was expensive and slow. Editing was also an issue. I was the owner of a Nikon D90 by the end of summer 2011 and within 2 months it had gone with me to Latvia, Estonia and Thailand.

Since then it has not left my side. Through social media my friends and aquaintances have seen my pictures and commented that they liked them. I started to make canvases of a couple of shots for people and most of my friends now recognised I was into taking photos.

In April 2013 I chanced upon being part of a promo shoot for an IBF Boxing event. I was shooting with professional Photographers who were very good indeed at what they did. I realised I still had a lot to learn, that there were way more possibilities then I previously thought possible when taking photos, and it excited me more.

People at the event were asking where my website/portfolio was so they could check out some of my shots. I didn’t have one. I’ve always been reluctant to go down this road, probably mainly because social media (Facebook) is full of people sticking ‘Photography’ at the end of their name and thinking thats what they are. I guess this makes me a hypocrite, but people keep telling me I have an eye for a good photo – so here we are.

Follow my blog and photo updates as I collaborate with new people in different ways to improve my skills.